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A Metroidvania-type secondary action game based on "The Legend of DarkWitch" series. In this game, a ghost named Maki is a companion of Riva, a princess of the Kingdom of Raziel, who is trying to escape from another Beetus that she has wandered into. Maki's ability, "SUKEIRU," changes the way she interacts with the world, and is the key to solving various mysteries and escaping her predicament.

You can play only the prologue in the demo.

OS: Windows
Supported languages: Japanese / English (Deepl)
(Can be changed from options)

■Credits Original:The Legend of DarkWitch Series
A Game by Lumi / Kabocharenga
BGM: Lumi(arranged) / Yufuruka(freeBGM)

Demo Ver.4.0 is relesed

魔神少女シリーズを原作としたメトロイドヴァニア型の二次創作アクションゲーム。 幽霊「マキ」を仲間にラジール王国の姫娘「リーバ」が迷い込んでしまったもうひとつのビータスからの脱出を目指す。 マキの能力である「スケイル」は世界との触れ合い方を変化させ、 さまざまな謎を解き、 窮地を脱するカギとなる。


・対応言語:日本語 / English(Deepl) (オプションから変更可)

A Game by Lumi / Kabocharenga
BGM:Lumi(アレンジ) / ユーフルカ(freeBGM)
SE:(C)PANICPUMPKIN(freeSE) PV効果音:効果音ラボ

Demo Ver.4.0配信

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorKabocha renga / Lumi
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags2D, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


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SKEIRU SKATERSdemo_v.4.0.zip 41 MB


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This looks awesome!

Ohhhhhhh another interesting game from you! Mirry bullet is interesting, and this as well! Always good!

Can't wait until full release, really love the final boss fight for the demo with the tornado. So cool~

Demo seems broken, hit new game and I got to a white screen with a few coloured dots floating gently around and I could click to generate a puff of smoke, but that was it.

Additionally the options seems to be broken as well, selected FULL as the screen size and after restarting the game it started in the smallest screen size even though the option was set to full. And changing the screen size option again just changed from full screen to 4x but none of the other options. And the full option was 4x and 4x option was full. Pretty weird.

(1 edit)

It's hard to tell because the screen doesn't show a guide for the buttons you should press, but you can press NewGame and then press the Z key (or the A button on the XBox controller) to advance the conversation.

As for WindowSize in Option, we have confirmed that it is a bug and will fix it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Oh, it wasn't clear that it was supposed to be a conversation, it just seemed like some random error.